Welcome to eViL/FCUK

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Welcome to eViL/FCUK

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:03 pm

Welcome everyone to the forum.
This forum was built for eViL, which is.. in essence FCUK. FCUK was founded 4 years ago First Clan of United Knights, in the game GuildWars. One year after we created it, we got banned. GuildWars claimed our tag, [FCUK] was a violation of copyright and could no longer be used. After a few name changes, we are as always the First Clan of United Knights, and we adopted the tag eViL.

But we have and will always be.. FCUKers in our hearts.

We hope you enjoy the forum and becoming part of our group. You will find people from various games with in the forum. Some you might like to try, some you may not. No matter what always remember Knights we are. Knights we shall remain, we fight with honour, we fight as one. Loyalty is very important to us here and honesty. If you can be nothing else. please always try to be honest.



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